about us

Our Mission

“Equality. Diversity. Integrity. Respect. Expertise. A black business certified ENTERPRISE is the standard-bearer of authenticity, equality and partnership.”

Striving for a more inclusive and equal society, where businesses are recognised for their talent and contribution to society.

Certified Black Business will donate 10% annually of net profits to charitable causes, local NHS and in areas most need of funding. Also, others that support all communities, who represent our values of inclusion, diversity, and legacy.

aims & objectives

Certified Black Business Group helps suppliers (Businesses/Organisation) and contractors (Buyers) ensure support and alignment across their corporate social responsibility and purchasing social responsibilities, through the utilisation of the CBB kitemark certification. The opportunity to track and trace the CBB kitemark will reinforce and measure the degree of engagement and inclusion across their business sectors.

The Certified Black Business Group Assessment Standard will review all aspects of the accreditation policies in a single annual audit. CBB Group is committed to establishing standards and benchmarks that drive Black businesses forward which will give greater exposure and access to opportunities.

Our Vision

CBB is to be considered as the standard-bearer for equality and diversity for Black Business enterprises; the global official kitemark of authentication.

A global business that nurtures, develops and promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. Certified Black Business Group is that helping hand that supports businesses and encourages a more sustainable society for all.

Our vision is to make a positive contribution to the growth of a fairer society where utilising tax-deductible funds will be provided to good causes that will help our communities across the UK and beyond.

Provide funds for scholarships and grants for our future generation of children from all nationalities, cultures and backgrounds that would not have the opportunity to advance to universities or have assistance for entrepreneurship
To create a global company and legacy that will continue to serve others and advance the vision.

Our Values

CBB Group champions equality, diversity and inclusion both internally and externally. Our aim is to recognise, advance and promote Certified Black Businesses globally.


There are over 300,000 Ethnic Minority-owned Businesses (EMBs) in the UK, representing over 7% of all SMEs. This entrepreneurial community brings with it a proven track record of innovation, hard-work and customer loyalty as well as flexibility and cultural insight.

Diversity and inclusivity enable access to the entire supply chains, as the markets become more competitive and homogenised. The inherent lack of Black Businesses in both the public and private sector, denies large organisations access to the talent within the market which offers different perspectives and diversity of thought.

CBB Group is honoured to advocate Black Businesses and work with progressive individual members and corporate members that supports inclusion. CBB Group provides a platform to showcase underrepresented businesses that are agile, innovative and creative and enables businesses to develop a competitive advantage.