CBB packaging kite mark

cbb packaging kite mark

Utilise our packaging kitemark to label your own brand products or under CBB Licensee for Corporate and Retail.

Our packaging kitemark will sit proudly on all front-of-pack packaging and will provide reassurance that you are a Black Business and focused on continual professional development. Our kitemark demonstrates that you have met our criteria. For stakeholders and corporations who subscribe to the accreditation, you are demonstrating advocacy of equality, diversity inclusion and the propagation of all ethnicities within society.

CBB packaging kitemark will also provide consumers with first sight recognition of black owned businesses, suppliers and manufacturers persuading the buyer to make a conscious purchasing decision.

Our CBB packaging kitemark comes within our brand guidelines of usage and will be included in membership packs for all business members.

Corporate membership will be sent our packaging kitemark brand guidelines upon application for licensee purchase.

Corporate members will be able to utilise our kitemark to communicate with customers about products or source of black business enterprises.