Corporate Membership


Corporate members are invited to join this positive change to assist a growing market that provides consumers with a clear choice and recognition of brands, suppliers, and producers of products within their market sector to increase market share.


corporate membership features:

  • Placing the CBB Packaging kitemark on front-of-pack within brand guidelines
  • Displaying the CBB Corporate Members Kite on your website which shows support for equality and diversity within your business values and messages
  • Corporate members will be invited to give keynote speeches at Certified Black Business Group events to help, engage and attract a growing market to their own corporate business offering
  • Corporate Directors invited to attend and present business awards at the Certified Black Business Group Awards event
  • Corporate Companies will have their brand shown on our website which will highlight the Corporate member support for the Certified Black Business Group and its values; encouraging consumers to interact more with the Corporate world.

corporate benefits of accreditation

  • Purchasing Social Responsibility (PSR) and Track and Trace CBB kitemark.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) alignment.
  • The authenticity of product or service acquisition.
  • Credibility and ability to measure.
  • Financial wellbeing and access to a large consumer market. 
  • Innovation and Creativity: having access to talent across all socioeconomic and cultural groups.
  • Friends of Certified Black Business Group.